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The Favorites screen provides easy access to your preferred businesses. The " Businesses" tab lists your favorite businesses, while the. And because the majority of rides occur between the same places, usually along the same lines, we added Favorites to the app. You can add both locations and. Favorites for iPhone. Favorites icon. Visual speed-dial for calls, FaceTime, SMS and email that's right at home on your iPhone! Click this button to get it now: App.


Favorite Fitness & Health Apps Downloaden Sie die Favorites-App jetzt und erhalten Sie Zugang zu: Überblick Musik Video Charts. Why learn a new way to interact with your iPhone when you already know the best one like the back of your hand? Favorites has you covered - check out the settings either within Favorites itself, or in the Settings application if you prefer and tweak til you're happy. To change the file used by a favorite:


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